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Our coaching staff have experience for all levels of gymnastics.  They bring tremendous knowledge to Dream Elite, are all certified through USA Gymnastics and are committed to providing a positive experience for all students. 


Coach Vilma


Head Coach

Coach Vilma is a National Level gymnastics coach that started her gymnastics career  in Venezuela.  She competed for 7 years and then transitioned into  coaching where she had a successful career coaching the National Team as  the Head Coach for 3 years.  She has been recognized as “Coach of the  Year” by the Venezuelan Federation of Gymnastics in 2002 and again in  2004.   Since Vilma moved to United States she has been looking for an  opportunity to contribute to a young, growing team program where she can  make a meaningful mark on the athletes and share her international  experience with athletes and coaches.  She has completed several  National Judging courses and is Level III F.I.G. certified.  We are  excited to see what she brings to our program as she dares to dream elite. 

Coach Gabby


Team Coach

 Gabby  comes to us from Venezuela where she competed for 9 years and was a  member of  National team. Building on her love for the sport she started  coaching when she was just 17 year old and has over 20 years of  gymnastics experience in both Junior Olympic, National and College level  coaching.   She has coached all levels on gymnastics but is especially  proud to coach one student all the way to Olympic level.  She has  completed several National Judging courses and is F.I.G. certified.   Gabby is a great addition to Dream Elite coaching team and we are  excited to see what she brings to our program as she dares to dream elite. 

Coach Bryan


  Academy Coach 

As  a mostly self taught acrobat and break dancer, coach Bryan nurtured his  passion for movement while coaching recreational gymnastics at Seattle Gymnastics Academy (SGA). After his first 2 years, he helped the boys  program increase enrollment from 60 to 200 boys and SGA honored him as  their first annual Coach of the Year.  Coach Bryan went on to earn his  Masters in Teaching from the University of Washington before starting a  gymnastics program for toddlers and preschoolers at the Montessori  Academy of Colorado.  He has taught every developmental age of youth  from toddlers to high-schoolers in a variety of settings including the  back country wilderness, after school nonprofits, and academic  classrooms.  Coaching gymnastics has been one of the most rewarding of  all his educational experiences.  In his free time he enjoys to hike,  write, paint, play basketball, and hang out with his family. Coach Bryan  will motivate our gymnasts to be the best they can be as they dare to dream elite. 

Coach Jordan



Team/Academy Coach

Coach Jordan  recently moved to the LA area and currently studies film at Columbia  College Hollywood. Jordan was a gymnast herself for 14 years. She  competed as a level 10 USAG junior Olympic gymnast in the region 5 area.  Now Jordan stays connected with the sport she loves by coaching. Jordan  began coaching gymnastics at IK Gymnastics in Chicago Illinois. Now  Jordan has joined our team as a coach of all levels. She uses her  knowledge and experience to help and connect with our gymnasts as they dare to dream elite.

Coach Sergio


 Team/Academy Coach 


Coach  Sergio was born in Venezuela in 1995. Since he was a little kid, he was  always into sports and physical activity because of his mom, who was an  international diving judge. He tried a lot of different sports  (basketball, karate, swimming, water polo and even chess) before  crossing paths with one of his biggest passions "artistic gymnastics".  He did gymnastics for 5 years and competed in a high level several times  around Venezuela. After his retirement, Coach Sergio started coaching  gymnastics when he was 17  (both males and women's gymnastics).  Coach  Sergio is a true believer that physical activity is important at all  ages, that's why he is constantly looking to expand his knowledge within  physical activity, and also, always trying to get the best out of his   students with positive motivating and inspiring words to help them to dare to dream elite. 

Coach David


 Team Coach  


Coach David Kolpakchi was one of the head coaches at Ninas gymnastics center, with 55 years combined coaching experience in his family. They had the number one level ten team in the country with several gymnasts making it to the US national team the following year. After moving to LA and working along side the Rybackis and the great Charlie Tamayo, David has made Dream Elite in Woodland Hills his home. He is safety and first aid certified and the proud father of two girls.  David is a great addition  to our team as we dare to dream elite. 

Coach Pavel


 Boys/Academy Coach 


Coach Pavel is a World Class athlete since 1995. He holds two gold medals from 2003 WCOPA. 

He currently holds W300 Junior Olympic Team Coach from USA Gymnastics and is Safe Sport certified from United States Olympic committee - Team USA.  Coach Pavel is also a Category 3 judge for Trampoline & Tumbling.  

He is very passionate about this sport and always brings lots of energy to the floor trying to help his students to reach their full potential and inspiring them to dare to dream elite. 

Coach Lindley


  Academy Coach  


Coach Lindley  was born and raised in Richmond, VA where she began tumbling and  cheerleading at the age of 5. She began coaching recreational and  competitive cheerleading to elementary schoolers when she was 13 and  continued doing so as well as cheering both competitively and  recreationally herself until graduating high school. Before moving to  LA, she taught gymnastics, tumbling and acrobatic dance for two years at  a gym and dance studio in Wilmington, NC. Lindley has taught every age  from two to eighteen and believes in fully investing herself in every  gymnast’s individual development. She loves working with kids and  helping them become strong, capable gymnasts as they dare to dream elite. 

Coach Leilani


  Academy Coach  


Coach Leilani  was born on Okinawa Japan to a military family and grew up on Oahu,  Hawaii.  She started gymnastics at age 3 and rose thru the levels  reaching USAG level 7. During High School, her interests shifted towards  dance and she danced competitively for several years. She also taught  tumbling and dance classes while studying dance. Leilani attended the  University of Nevada Las Vegas and received a BFA in dance performance  and choreography, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue professional dance  opportunities. Leilani teaches recreational classes and hopes to help  future generations of gymnasts enjoy the same  great physical foundation and positive experiences she did as they dare to dream elite. 



  Front Office  

 Veronika  developed the passion for the sport of gymnastics when her daughter  joined the team. She understands the challanges and rewards that go  along with this sport.  Veronika adores kids and has been involved with  teaching arts and crafts to children . She also has accounting  background so the front office job where she can interact with children  and families is the perfect fit for her.  Veronika is a great addition  to our team as we dare to dream elite.